Scout 10-5

On March 29th, 1969 at 11:40 PM, with 20 minutes left on their shift, two Detroit police officers spot a man standing outside of the New Bethel Church holding a rifle. They stop their patrol car, Scout 10-5, and all hell breaks loose. One of the police officers is immediately shot and brutally killed, the other officer is shot twice and narrowly escapes. The Detroit Police Department responds to the calls for help as the shooters all run into the church.

Hear first hand from the officer who survived, lived through the aftermath, and faced his attackers in court in one of the biggest trials of the year.

"A police officer never knows what stop will become his last..."

STARRING Richard Worobec, Tank Jones, J.D. Hayworth, Daniel Blunck, David Medina EXECUTIVE PRODUCER David Van Wie PRODUCER Elizabeth Van Wie ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS Joe Kraynik, Connor Newton CF PRODUCER Charles Stanley DIRECTED BY David Van Wie EDITOR David Van Wie ASSISTANT EDITORS Anthony Janssen, Connor Newton ARTIST Joe Kraynik GRAFIC DESIGN Joe Kraynik, Garret Van Wie