Detroit UnderS.T.R.E.S.S"Stop the Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets"
Premieres October 7th 2017

NARRATED BY C. Thomas Howell

"Valuable and Powerful..." -Steve Byrne Executive Director FREEP Film Festival
"Essential film for any police officer, law enforcement officer, civil rights activists, or community leaders!"
"The beginnings of the battle between law enforcement and civil rights never looked so STRESSFUL!"
NARRATED BYC. Thomas Howell
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER David Van Wie MUSIC Gardner Cole PRODUCER Elizabeth Meyer CO-PRODUCER Ritta Yee Fagain DIRECTOR David Van Wie EDITOR Brandon Barnard ASSISTANT EDITOR Luu Nguyen ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Katherine Zeigler STORY BY David Van Wie GRAPHIC DESIGNER Abhishek Kottarapat